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SolarPaces2014 - Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Conference Topics

    • Solar collectors
    • Thermal receivers
    • Heat transfer fluids
    • Thermal/thermochemical energy storage
    • Power cycles
    • CSP systems
    • Grid integration
    • Advanced manufacturing for CSP
    • Reliability and service life prediction
    • Commercial and demonstration projects
    • Policy and markets
    • Solar fuels
    • Measurements and control
    • Water desalination and detoxification
    • Solar resource assessment
    • General topics in CSP

      Dates and Deadlines

      Revised papers due    September 26, 2014


      We will do our best to make sure all necessary information is available for you on this website.

      For any questions, please contact: conference2014[at]solarpaces[dot]org

      For sponsorship options please contact: sponsor2014[at]solarpaces[dot]org

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